For nearly thirty years, we’ve solved problems for

organizations involved in everything from aerospace to zoos.

Our work on specific new business pitches has been hugely successful, winning business worth over $150 Million in revenue in just the past few years.

  • What you’ll love about this work is the total freshness it brings to presentations. From the very first chapter, Coughter redefines the challenge, resets the approach, and shares invaluable tales from the front lines that will make yo ache for a chance to get back in the game.

    Dan Wieden President, Wieden + Kennedy
  • So you’ve spent hours, days, and weekends working on your next big idea? Well, all your work may count for diddly squat if you can’t sell it. That’s where Coughter’s book can help. It’s like getting one of his valuable Workshops in book form.

    Luke Sullivan Author of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This
  • This book is full of stories from great presenters. I know many of them. Three are on my list of the top people I’ve ever heard present. Peter Coughter is the best of them.Every creative person, every account person, every client, every marketer everywhere should read this book. It is essential to selling your ideas.

    Pam El Chief Marketing Officer, The National Basketball Association
  • Peter Coughter is not only a master of the pitch, how’s an outstanding teacher. Read what he writes, and then read it again. This book is a gem.

    John Adams Former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, The Martin Agency

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